Kia ora whānau,

What a huge week it has been! As always, there is lots happening at school and we have been enjoying getting amongst all of it. Here is a little update and some pānui as we head into Week 8.

  • We had our first SportStart session with 2Meke on Tuesday afternoon. It was awesome to do our learning together! We are looking forward to this being a regular part of our programme, and continuing to connect afterwards for waiata and stories.
  • Next Wednesday we have our Matariki art intensive day. The entire school is spending the whole day creating collaborative art pieces which will beautify our kura (school). We are teaming up with Harakeke (Room 5) for this day of creating and innovating.
  • I have swapped my release day next week so that I can follow through with the Matariki Art Day plans we’ve made with Room 5. Anna will be working in our space on Thursday next week instead of Wednesday.
  • Our PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) sessions are going well; the kids really look forward to exploring the equipment each week. The tamariki really need bare feet in order for them to get the most out of the programme, so we remove our tōkena (socks) and hū (shoes) at the start of each lesson. Stockings/tights are popular fashion choices in our class, especially with the colder weather setting in. If you could support your kids to wear anything but tights that cover their feet on ‘PMP Thursdays’, that would be super helpful.
  • ‘Shorts Day’ is next Thursday, June 21. More information about this is available here. Have a look at the Arohanui Hospice’s Wish List for items you can give in lieu of a monetary donation. Hopefully we can all rock some funky shorts and support a good cause!
  • Our kids are loving taking part in the Pizza Reading Challenge which is awesome. However, I’ve been finding that writing in their yellow logs and keeping track of this is taking up too much valuable teaching time. From now on, the kids can tell me when they’ve done 7 nights of reading and I’ll give them a free pizza voucher when I have the time. Keep writing in their logs, though, as it’s great for them to see positive comments from you about their progress.
  • Lots of our tamariki have squeezy yoghurt pouches in their lunch which they really enjoy eating. They’re pretty tricky for our small hands to undo, though. Anna shared with me that she untwists her son’s yoghurt pouches slightly so that when he’s at school he can undo it himself. Just thought this was a cool idea to share with you all that might make life a bit easier for our kids at kai time.
  • Yummy Stickers – in case you’re not aware, as a school we collect Yummy fruit stickers (from apples, nectarines etc). In exchange we receive free sports equipment! I’ve attached a sticker chart here, but you can also collect one from the office (which is also where you hand them in once they’re full).
  • Remember to check SchoolStream frequently (every day or two), as new notices are added all the time. Not all pānui come with a phone notification, so it pays to have a browse around the app categories for any you may not have read.

Te Kupu O Te Wiki (The Words of the Week)

Our ‘Big Book’ this week was called ‘Haere Atu’, and the kids LOVED it!

We learnt three new phrases while reading it so I thought I’d share those with you this week. Your tamaiti (child) may be able to tell you what they mean because we had heaps of fun learning them!

  • Haere atu – Go away
  • Titiro! – Look!
  • Kia tere! – Quick! (Or, ‘hurry up!’)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I see the Warriors snuck in a cheeky win yesterday, hopefully the All Blacks can notch up another win tonight too.

Hei te Rāhina (See you on Monday),

Nā Lucy