Ahiahi mārie koutou (Good afternoon everyone),

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend in the sunshine! In Pīwakawaka we’ve had another massive week full of fun and learning which we loved being able to share with many of you at Assembly on Wednesday. Words can’t describe how proud I am of our tamariki – they performed our waiata and haka with so much passion and mana! 😀 A highlight for us this week was our Maths learning which gave us a taste of Statistics. We enjoyed making our own farms and exploring different ways to solve the same problem.

A few pānui from me as we look ahead to Wiki 4:

  • School is CLOSED THIS WEDNESDAY August 15th due to the Teacher Strike. It’s important you make alternative arrangements for your tamariki on this day. Drop me an email or come and have a kōrero if you have any pātai:
  • Updating contact details – forms for you to fill out regarding updating contact details were sent home this week (they are bright pink!). It is so important for us that your details are accurate so please make the time to check the form and send it back to the office ASAP.
  • Photo Day – School photos are taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 5 (August 22nd and 23rd). Our class pikitia (picture) will be on Wednesday 23rd August as I am off-site on the 22nd. Information and order forms have been sent home this wiki also. You can click here to read Troy’s post about pricing and how to contact our photographer should you wish to.
  • Whittaker’s Chocolate Fundraiser – A HUGE mihi to you all for getting behind our latest fundraiser. We have an amazing Supporter’s Club who do so much for our kura and this chocolate fundraiser has been so well received. Some of you have even taken more than one box home – ka rawe! Awesome! We really appreciate your mahi and tautoko (support), so thank you. If you’d like another box to sell just flick me an īmēra (email) or come and let me know.

Several paper notices went home this week which is highly unusual. They are urgent and/or important, so please check the depths of your tamaiti’s (child’s) book bag today. You should find a pink one, a yellow one, and a white photo order form with an envelope attached. Happy hunting!

Te Kupu O Te Wiki

Tiakarete – Chocolate

We learnt Tiakarete in class this week because of the fundraiser! Your kids may enjoy teaching it to you – it’s a bit of a tongue twister. We had lots of fun learning it together!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday – te rā (the sun) is out in full force and it feels like Spring is on the way. Hei te Rāhina (See you on Monday),

Ngā mihi,


P.S. Wicked to see the Warriors get up over the Knights this weekend! Finals hopes are alive! 🙏🏼😀