Kia ora whānau,

It was so lovely to meet with all of you and get to know a bit more about all of your amazing children. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me! I can’t wait to get to know the children more and find out what makes them tick!

Now that I know a bit more, I thought I would touch base and let you know a few key things about our programme.

The swimming pool isn’t quite up and running yet, but when it is, we will be swimming on Monday, Tuesday and Friday’s. It would be great if you could support your children to pack their togs, towel, and goggles (if they use these) the night before. I will send a post on here when the pool is open.

Our library day is a Friday. This is a set time each week, but it is my plan for the children to use the library whenever needed to benefit their learning too.

This term we are going to read the chapter book called The Sasquatch Escape by Suzanne Selfors. We are going to be completing tasks whilst reading, similar to ‘Chapter Chat’. By Friday dinner time, you will be able to ask your child what Chapter Chat means and they should be able to tell you what they are going to be doing. If any children want to read along with me, I know there is a copy in our school library as well as the public library. If they enjoy the book as much as I predict they will, then we will continue to read the rest of the series throughout the year. It’s a great series full of different creatures and suspense!

I spoke about homework requirements to many of you, but just to clarify, I will not be setting specific weekly homework. I know that a lot of your children are very busy after school, so I want to save their energy up for the next day! However, it is expected that your child will read every night for a minimum of 15 minutes. They can choose what they read. It could be a reader that they have read with me at school, a library book, a book of their own, or the newspaper. is a fantastic site to read about current events that is also child friendly. My only other expectation is that the children have meaningful conversations with whānau at home. This could be conversations about their day, what’s happening in the news, or other real world contexts. There are so many opportunities to chat! I would love to see the children writing your supermarket lists for you, and helping you choose between which brand of food based on factors such as price.

We will be deciding on our class name and class treaty this week so stay tuned to find out what our tamariki value!

Any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to pop in and chat. Alternatively my email is [email protected]

Hot tip: Getting every classes school stream posts? Have a go at following my video below to create an account and change your notification settings (tap the 3 lines in top left hand corner of SchoolStream app, and tap ‘log in or create account’)


Have a fantastic rest of your week!

Ngā mihi,

Samantha :)

Get to know me: I was born in a town called Paignton in the south west of England. I moved over here when I was 18 with my family and completed all of my schooling in England aside from studying at Massey to get my teaching degree. The only things I miss are a little beach in Paignton called Fairy Cove that is special to my family, and British marmite! Luckily Countdown sells it.