Level 2 IMPORTANT information for Parents & Caregivers for NE/Y1 – Waka Huia

Please read the following to help keep everyone safe. We understand our 5 year olds may need extra care and contact to transition back to school, therefore we have come up with procedures to make this manageable for all.

  • Sign in and out =┬áif you are bringing your child on site you must sign in. There will be QR Codes and instructions at the school gate, on fences and near the class. More information will be on School Stream soon.
  • Morning drop off = If your child needs extra support in the morning which requires you to come into the classroom we are having a maximum of 4 parents in the class at a time. If you can eliminate coming into the classroom depending on how your child is, we would really appreciate this.
  • Afternoon pick up = You will see a marked out pick up lane with x on the floor. This will be from the Waka Huia main door to the outside pit door. Only two parents at a time walking through to pick up. This can happen from 2.50pm. Children will have their bags on the mat ready. We want to avoid clusters of people in the hallway area. If you have a pushchair you will need to go back out the entry door. Please give these parents space and distance.
  • Communication = If you need to talk to Nicole – flick her an email at any time [email protected] or let her know and she will ring you once all children and family members have left.

Thank you for your patience at this time. Looking forward to our first day back tomorrow.