Kia ora koutou

Wow, Three days to go! This term has certainly flown by.  I would like to remind you all of a few important things happening over the next few days.

First of all, tomorrow is our yr 6 graduation ceremony held at Freyberg High School. We will be catching a bus both ways to this event. You are all welcome to meet us there to attend, start time is at 1pm.

I have encouraged the students to bring  a spare reusable bag to school this week to help with carrying their extra items home. I am trying to stagger these items over a number of days so that it is not too much all at once.

Tomorrow is the last day for library books to be back. We have done well to return as many as we have, however there are still quite a number outstanding.  If you could help you child to check they have packed any books they still have that would be greatly appreciated.

On Thursday your child will bring home their school report and class placement for next year. This is always and exciting but also a nervous time for some kids. They will all get to meet their new teacher on Friday for short period of time.

Today we watched a short Micky Mouse clip about Scrooge’s christmas. At the end we discussed what we can learn from this film. Your lovely children gave very thoughtful responses: that christmas is not just about presents, it is important to be kind to others, that we need to be thankful for the people we have around us etc.  This got us talking about how lucky we are and what we can do to help others who are not so fortunate. The main two connections that were made were the Kmart christmas tree and the donation trolleys at the supermarket. Quite a number of the kids wanted to do secret santa this week, however after todays discussion the idea was put forward that instead of using our money for each other, we could use it to make christmas that little bit better for those who are really in need.  A packet of  yummy biscuits would be a real treat for some of our NZ kids.  I do not want you to think this is something that you must do, however I felt it was an important conversation to relay and explain to you all in case you child came home and had discussed it with you.

Finally, a reminder that school finishes at 12.30 on Friday.

I would like to say once again a huge thank you for your ongoing support over the last two terms. Have a very safe and merry christmas.

Bianca Caske