Yay the swimming pool is now open! A big thank you to those involved in repairing and getting the pool ready.

Room 7, Room 12, Room 3, Room 6, Room 8, Room 9 and Room 1 are all scheduled for swimming tomorrow (Wednesday) so please help your children to pack their togs and towels.

Your child’s teacher will let them know what days their class swimming sessions are on.

Today there were many children (and adults) hanging out in the shade at lunch time and they were encouraged to go get their drink bottles to keep hydrated. It sure was a hot day! Please help your children put some sunblock on before they go to school. There are sunblock stations around the school and in classrooms for them to help themselves to as well.

Hats! If hats are lost or your child has not got a hat yet, please purchase one at the office for $15. No hat, no play.

Let’s keep sun smart, safe and as cooled off as possible.

Many thanks