The city of Palmerston North Gold Cup Festival is holding a FREE Family night in the square on Wednesday the 28th March (I know this is late notice sorry!)

My name is Georgia Bergerson, I was on the New Zealand series of Survivor and currently run my own Events Business (Boom Events) in Palmerston where I pace children through Survivor like fun challenges.

I am working with the Awapuni Racing Centre and in charge of this event and hosting a night of Palmy Schools Survivor Challenge. We have selected Russell Street to be one of the few teams to enter this year’s competition.

The competition itself will run on the Wednesday evening from 5.30 – 6.15pm in the square. If you would like your school to be a part of this event then we need 6 students from your school to create a TRIBE.

One Year 1

One Year 2

One Year 3

One Year 4

One Year 5

One Year 6

Out of those years we need three boys, three girls.

For more information on the Festival here is the link for the evening

And for more information on my business here is the link of my Website