RSS Supporter’s Club Minutes 20th February 2019, 7.30pm


Deb Mackintosh, Leanne Fa’aea, Geoff Binns, Shumin Zhou, Sharon Beales, Carina Holdaway, Nicky Bateman, Troy Duckworth, Kelvin Smith, Michelle Jurgens, Robin Baker.


Cindy Irvine, Win Mitchell

Previous minutes correct moved by Shumin, seconded Sharon


Current balance: $19,075.09. More money from tea towels still to be banked

Moved Deb, seconded Carina


Fundraising offers: Ready to bake cookies, frozen food, personalised labels from Precious Labels (iron on), First Aid Kits. Sharon to look into labels further – prices and the process required. Seems promising as all ordered online and a percentage comes to the school.

Board update

  • Budget set and to be sent to Ministry of Education
  • Rooms 6 and 7 to be ready in 2-3 weeks. Toilet block will take longer due to issue with floor
  • Shade sail to go ahead. Will be installed once swimming has finished.
  • Sandpit area to be redeveloped – possible focus of some fundraising this year. Sandpit will be moved, tiles re done, tree roots trimmed, tables set up under shade as outdoor classroom. More ideas welcome for this area, especially sandpit design.
  • Reviews for uniform and RE due this week. Good number of returns so far.
  • Rather than Junior/Senior groups this year, the school has been divided into 5 smaller Whanau groups. More collaborative appear with the teachers rather than a team leader.
  • Marae trip in early March – classes starting to learn about aspects of Marae before visiting.

General Business

Wish List

  • Teachers to provide quotes. Also good if the requests are for things that can benefit a large number of students.

Basketball Hoops

  • Would be good to look at the court area – trim trees, repaint lines, replace hoops.
  • Look at a sports-themed fundraiser late in Term 2. Perhaps Manawatu Jets players could be involved

Tea Towels

  • 66 packets sold
  • Perhaps more could be sold at Jubilee – portable EFTPOS machine could be useful – Kelvin to investigate


  • Saturday 23rd March 3-7pm
  • Need help with ideas and help on the day.
  • Games – sack races, egg and spoon, quoits
  • Bouncy castles
  • Photo display in the hall, albums, and slide shows. Could photo orders be placed?
  • Idea for ‘Buy a tile’ put name or picture on there to have installed around the school as a “family of Russell St”


  • Order forms to come out soon with the idea of making an order middle of Term 2
  • Could take orders at Jubilee
  • Sharon to also look at prices for beanies, but suggested to order later in the year

Quiz Night

  • Would be good to have a major fundraiser for the year
  • Suggestions to make it a bit different to other times – held at school for smaller venue, able to buy alcohol (licence required?), buy food, buy answers.
  • Possibly early September (production is 19th September)


  • Term 2 (after daylight saving)


  • Minutes from last year suggest June has been booked for this year. Deb will follow up with Tracey.

Meeting closed at 9:00pm