Kia Ora Koutou,

Welcome back to the new year at RSS. Over the holidays, we had issues with our school Apple ID that was traditionally set up for students to use. This was set up in 2016 and was called [email protected] and students would use this account to download the school apps that they needed on their iPads. However, this is not best practise as Apple Policies suggest that you do not share an Apple ID as it shares ‘everything’ with all those using it. The account has since been deactivated to avoid any future problems and will no longer be used at RSS.

Over the past 4 years, new features have been added to an Apple ID with the introduction of Family Sharing. This allows the main user of the ID to create accounts for each of your family members to use. (as the age to hold your own Apple ID is 13) This feature also gives you access to monitor each of your members device usage and app purchases. See more information about it here.

We would really appreciate your support on the transition from using the itunes16 account to setting up your own Apple ID and giving access to your child as a family member. A how to guide can be found here. Troy or Nick are more than willing to assist you in this should you need it. Just pop on up with a smile (or a sweet treat) and we will help see you right.

At school, there are a few essential apps below that your child will need to have:

They may already have these apps loaded on their iPads, but they will probably need to delete these as they may have been purchased under the itunes16 account. You can then download these from the App Store again under your new Apple ID. This needs to be done so that the apps can be updated. Your child’s teacher may need certain apps downloaded to use in class and it will give them the freedom to add these when needed.

Thanks again for your ongoing support in this change,