Ahiahi mārie e te whānau,

Thank you for a wonderful first week in Room 4! We have started to build relationships as a little whānau by spending time working together and becoming familiar with routines/expectations. We’ve really enjoyed our first few days! If you haven’t seen the beautiful korowai we’ve made as a class, pop in and have a look when you can. This is a bit of a meaty post so grab a cuppa & have a read.

Each week I’ll post a Māori word of the week – Te Kupu O Te Wiki. This week’s kupu (word) is:

Wera – Hot e.g. The weather this week has been wera!

Below are some pānui (messages/notices) to keep you in the loop:

  • Swimming days – Our sessions are Monday (12pm-12.35pm), Thursday (1.30pm – 2.15pm) and Friday (1.30pm – 2.15pm). Please help your tamaiti (child) to pack their togs, a towel, and goggles (if they have them) as well as any other gear they usually need when swimming. If your child is a bit anxious around water, just flick me an email to let me know. We will start slow, & I’ll tautoko (support) the children to work at a level they are comfortable with (I will be in the pool with the kids). Our sessions are all about having fun and building confidence to be in the water.
  • Seesaw – Are you connected? On Friday I sent home paper invites in the school bags of everyone who doesn’t have whānau connected to Room 4 yet. If you need another invite, let me know! Feel free to add grandparents, aunties, uncles, special people in your child’s life too.
  • Lucky Book Club – Order forms went home this week, if they haven’t made their way to you yet, it might pay to check the depths of your child’s book bag :-)
  • Waitangi Day – School is closed this Wednesday, February 6th for Waitangi Day.
  • Samantha will be teaching in our class on Thursday morning this week instead of her usual Wednesday.
  • Pōtae (Hats) – Just a reminder that pōtae must be worn any time we are outside for Terms 1 & 4, so your child needs to bring their RSS hat to school every day. I know they seem to go walking fairly easily – we are working on keeping track of our belongings! It’s also helpful if everyone comes to school with sunblock on, and the kids can ‘top-up’ throughout the day at our various sunblock stations.
  • Reading Logs – As you will have noticed, we don’t have Reading Logs in the Junior School this year. You are more than welcome to purchase one if you wish, but it is not a necessary stationery item for 2019. However, there is still an expectation that each child will read with someone in their whānau every night. Innovative tracking systems may be created as we go, if needed. Click here to read more about supporting your child with reading at home.
  • Mike – On Friday we farewelled Mike. He is moving to another kura (school) to be closer to his sister. We will miss having you at RSS, Mike, and we wish you and your whānau all the best.

Our class name – We have spent lots of time this week getting to know each other and brainstorming names for our class that reflect who we are. Together we came up with 5 different names we loved. From this shortlist, we held a very official class vote. With clearly the most votes, I’m really excited to let you all know that we’ve decided to call ourselves ‘Atawhai’ which means ‘to show kindness to, care for’. The tamariki in our class have already demonstrated how naturally caring & thoughtful they are, so this name is very fitting. Our overarching kaupapa (theme/idea) as a school for 2019 is Hautūtanga (Leadership), so we’re excited to explore what this looks like for us as 5, 6 and 7 year olds through showing kindness to (and caring for) people, places, and things. 

Enjoy the rest of this ātaahua (beautiful) day in the Mighty Manawatū! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning for the start of another fun week in Atawhai!

Mauri tau (calm/chill vibes),




Our class Korowai

Making connections with each other on Day 1

We do kids Yoga after lunch – it’s fun, calming, and a good challenge!

Working together on our school values matching game

We had our first library visit on Thursday and issued our own books!

We’ve started to sign in ourselves each morning on Lucy’s laptop during Play, rather than Lucy taking the roll.

Waiata time!

A little bit of  ‘duck, duck, goose!’ on Friday to end our first week