Kia Ora e te whānau,

We only have five days until Ranginui Swimming Sports day on Wednesday 13th March and the children have been practicing hard in their classes and can’t wait to show off their skills.

We’d like to thank the parents who have offered to help us at the lido on Wednesday. However, it will be very helpful if we could have 4-5 helpers per class to accompany us to the Esplanade. Please contact your classroom teacher if you can come with us on this day.   Please see below for the run of the day.   Any questions please contact Rosie or Mel.

If the weather is dodgy on Wednesday we will not be able to go to the Esplanade and our times will need to be adjusted slightly! Rosie and Mel will make the call on Wednesday morning and notify you all via School Stream!

Ngā mihi, Ranginui Hapū

Swimming Organisation

Timetable of events

Times Competitive Times Non- Competitive
10.15am Leave RSS 11:00 am approx Leave RSS
11am First Competitive race 11.30am Esplanade & Lunch
1pm Lunch at Esplanade 1pm Events begin
2:30 pm Leave the Lido for RSS 2:30 pm Leave the Lido for RSS

Racing Schedule

11 am Open Boys (Y3-6) breaststroke
11:20 Y3-6  Freestyle
11:50 Y3-6 Backstroke
12:10 Freestyle Final
12:20 Backstroke Final
12:30 Open Breaststroke/ Open Butterfly/  House Relay
12:50 Pack Up and Leave the Lido for Esplanade
1pm Non-competitive events begin

Non – competitors schedule for the day

  • Leave school at 11am
  • Eat lunch at the Esplanade.
  • Children have a play.
  • Leave the Esplanade at 12:30pm to walk to the Lido.
  • Be at the Lido sitting in houses to start at 1pm.
  • House order – Kiwi, Tui, Kereru, Kea
  • Each house has a turn as follows:
    • Quick game run by house leaders. (Different game for each house)
    • Widths with progression of skills (children who choose to stop, hop out)
      • Activities with or without flutter boards (their choice)
        • Floating on front and back
        • Walk/run/kick across the pool
        • Flutter board with kicking across the pool
        • Glide across the pool
        • Kicking across the pool
        • Kicking and swimming arms the pool
        • Best freestyle (kicking/arms/breathing)
        • Best backstroke (kicking/arms)