Papatuanuku Play

What an amazing afternoon!

Once again our children had a creative and fun afternoon showing rekareka (fun and enjoyment) and whakawhanaungatanga – building positive relationships with each other across the team.

Today’s focus goal was to try and play alongside someone new. It was great to see the big mix of children in all of the spaces. One of the things I noticed was the older children being tuakana to the younger children, guiding and supporting them in their play.

The loose parts led to innovation and creation in all of the play areas.

Cardboard tubing was a great hit and encouraged the children to use their imaginations and creative skills.There was a bowling alley, some swords and flags and even a swing was made! And a whole lot of chatter, excitement and fun.

In a couple of spaces there were opportunities for building using blocks of different shapes and sizes – wooden blocks, lego, imagine blocks ( large plastic pieces that clip together to make some large creations). This promoted individual creativity and lots of teamwork too.

A favourite in play is our fantastic sandpit. There was a great time being had in here with an abundance of children. The play today producing chocolate mud cakes, gooey sand mixtures, tunnels and castles! Water Play was a hit – thank goodness for our beautiful warm day – the children were having a blast finding different ways to squirt and pour – sometimes at each other! Many squeals of delight here! The family corner, which was outside today, was another nice provision for imaginative play and who would have thought an enormous cardboard box could provide so much entertainment and creativity!

Another successful and creative play afternoon.

Nicole, on behalf of the Papatuanuku Team.