This afternoon Papatūānuku classes (minus Te Whāriki due to being at Life Ed) engaged in play.

It was a beautiful sight seeing all our children come together in play no matter what age or class they were in.

Rekareka is always alive during our play sessions! Today I observed a lot of manaakitanga.

In Room 3 the children were sharing and using their manners while engaging in imaginary play.

When walking into Room 2, I saw a picture of Carolyn’s own children on the big screen. The children explained that they are using Carolyn’s teenage children’s old special train set so they had to show kawenga.

Children were also being very curious while exploring with shapes, letters, colours and pictures on the OHP. If anyone has an OHP please don’t get rid of it. What a treasured tool for developing curiosity in young learners.

“I had to cut eyes out of the person so the light box would go through it. The crayon didn’t work.” Jacob explained.

I also noticed a lot of children were staying in classes for longer periods of time. They were showing wairua in their play and creations. Some children took time to create and colour in with Bridget.


What a lovely opportunity to develop social skills, curiosities and friendships this afternoon.

Ngā mihi,