What a fabulous afternoon we had at play. Everywhere I went I could see our values in action! Children were curious, trying new things and exploring. There were loads of ” I wonder…” and “what about” questions and thinking!

Wow boys! Brenda was super impressed with your panekiretanga and hautūtanga. You worked and worked to create your own BeyBlades that would spin. You helped and supported each other sharing your ideas so you all had you own!

Working together to create your own game, you listened hard to each other and made up rules you were both happy with


Sorting and building, playing together showing kotahitanga.

You worked so hard to create your fabulous mask! Wairua is when you keep trying hard!

You had a plan and knew what you wanted to create. Great panekiretanga as you work to be your very best.



What fabulous learning here. These guys negotiated a plan for their creation, worked together to build and then decide who was going to take it home first!

Great whakawhanaungatanga, you are kind friends.

A very involved game! Kids in the hut and around the hut… “It’s not a hut, it’s a plane” All the children had roles and were playing together beautifully! Kotahitanga in action as all are welcome and included!

We can nearly make it touch the roof.
“I wonder if you can make it go higher!”

What happens if we jump higher? Will it hit the roof now?

Great teamwork! You looked and listened to each other to try and make the megablock fly.

Great kotahitanga, joining in and working together.







And then everybody showed kawenga (responsibility), ngakau tapatahi (integrity), and manaakitanga (respect) to pack up all the play mess so we were ready to go home! What a fabulous afternoon, so much rekareka (fun) for all our learners -children and adult. I am super looking forward to the next Papatūānuku play!