Kia ora koutou

I can’t believe it is the end of week 5 already!! The term has certainly been a busy one.  This term our main PE focus has been athletics and we are really keeping our fingers crossed for a fine day on Monday, it would be great to show off all the technique we have learnt from our sessions with Coach Kahu from Kelly Sports.  Just a reminder, cancelations will be on school stream on Monday morning.  However, the sun is going to shine I am sure, which means the kids need to remember to bring a big drink and lunch, a hoodie for if it gets cool, appropriate clothing for the occasion and their school sun hat.  It is going to be a great day, hopefully we will see some of you there.

Often at this time of the year the kids can start to get a bit restless and even niggly with each other.  We are working hard on using our school values to ensure our last term is a great one.  Especially for our year 6s, many emotions can be starting to come to the surface, we are so lucky to be part of such an amazing school community.

We are working on two pieces of art at the moment. One is creating our own prints and the second is a piece of perspective art.  This second piece is also giving the kids an opportunity to reflect on our school values that represent them most.  It will be a great final piece for them to have at the end of the year.

We have been spending time on a Friday doing ‘Something Totally Random’.  These activities have always had a hidden agenda of course, but they have predominantly just been to have fun and do something a bit different to the normal day.  So far we have created tracks out of recycling to try and get a ping pong ball to travel across the class, balloon science which lead into balloon tennis, the great tennis ball and cone routine, and today we learnt/played games.  These consisted of cards, monopoly, game of life, knuckle bones, chess and a few more.  I wonder what we will do next week?

Our literacy has largely been based around performing/presenting to others, such as poems, plays or monologues.  These have been an intro to the speeches the kids are now writing and will present to the class in a few weeks.  Please ask your child about the topic they have chosen, the may ask you for some ideas to add in next week.  Please note, we have only just started these, so there will be plenty of time for them to work on them in class still.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing support, the year has flown by and it has been a great one thanks to the amazing group of children you have all created.

Nga mihi