Kia ora Nifty9 whanau

It has been great to see all our kids back at school this week after so many of them being off over the last few weeks unwell.  It is certainly that time of year where there are lots of illnesses going around.  The term is going well and we have some exciting activities planned for the next few weeks looking at all the wild weather that is happening around the world these days, and right here in NZ!  But we need a bit of help.  If you have any 1.5 or 2l plastic bottles lying around home we would love to use them for some upcoming experiments.  Our crafts area is also running very low, if you have egg cartons, boxes or any other clean items we could use please send them our way.

I am a strong believer of the importance of physical exercise, often shoes are handy to be able to take part safely and to the best of our ability.  Healies or Wheelies are very popular at the moment, however they are not suitable for our PE sessions.  Please encourage your child to bring another pair of shoes in their bags for class and PE times, and save the wheels for the break times.

This week is very exciting as it is our RSS book fair, the fair is open from today until Tuesday of next week.  To help celebrate the book fair, we are having a ‘Dress as your favourite book character’ dress up day this Friday.

I hope you are all enjoying the slightly longer days and slightly warmer weather.