Kia ora koutou

In Te Ono Pai we have been learning a lot about ourselves and who we are.  We had a great discussion about our names, who named us, if there was a reason we got given our name and what our name means.  Hopefully your children came home and discussed these with you.  This connects with our current task of completing our pepeha, it would be great for these to be completed and brought back to school as soon as possible.  Last week one of our chapter chat tasks was to write a letter from August (the main character), this week I wanted our class to look at this further by making a connection with someone we know by writing them a letter.  It would be great if we could go through the whole process of letter writing by posting our letters and hopefully receiving one not long after.  Could you please discuss with your child who they have chosen to write their letter to and provide them with an address for that person.  When they have finished the letter writing process at school the children will bring their letters home to be posted, it would be fantastic if you could help them with this last step.  A great conversation developed about stamps, if you have any old stamps or particularly interesting stamps at home and do not mind sharing them with us at school, please send them along to school with your child.

Thank you for your ongoing support.