Hi everyone!

Hope you have had a great week so far. Thank you so much for the support of yesterday’s strike. It meant a lot to us knowing that you understood why we did what we did.

Some things for next week:

On Tuesday and Wednesday we have school photos. By now I am hoping that your child has given the form to you that went home a little while ago and they have come back to the office with your order if you are wanting school photos. If you haven’t yet and you still want some, they have to be back by 20th August, so there is still time! It’s $15 for a class photo, $17 for an individual photo or $25 if you want a combo!

Thank you for keeping on top of returning library books for a fresh set each week. We have had minimal overdues which is awesome!

Walking Wednesday is starting next Wednesday. This is a time where staff will be out around Russell Street before 8.30am and will ‘pick’ children up to walk to school together. Park a bit further away and join in on the fun if you can!

I think that’s all so TTFN,

Samantha :)