Good afternoon everyone!

We have a couple of things on this week so I thought I would post a quick message so you are all aware.

On Wednesday we have a sports exchange happening with Douglas Park. By now, I am sure the children have told you all about the training they have been doing and how hard they have been working! Even though this is technically for Year 5/6’s, most of the year 4’s in The Hive have also got to join in. Because of this, they will be treated like sports royalty and will be served kai by our teina of the Ranginui Team. If you would like to come along to watch your child play, you are more than welcome to! They are split into A, B and C teams and your child should know which team they are in. Each game is 30 minutes long. Matches begin at 10.30 for everyone except for Hockey (who start at 11). Hockey is going to be played at QEC so we can use their turf! All other sports will be played at RSS.

Here is the match timetable so you can chat to your child to find out which team they are in and then come on down if you can make it.

If you have any questions about this, please flick me an email at or a message on SeeSaw.

Library is at our same time of 10-11 on Tuesdays and we have some overdue books from the holidays so if you could help your children organise themselves ready for Tuesday, Rebecca (librarian) and I would really appreciate it. Last term we actually had a week where we had no overdue books at all…something that hasn’t happened in a long time across the classes at RSS! I would love to try and do that again.

I hope your children have been coming home excited about the changes in terms of children developing their agency in The Hive by taking charge of their learning and planning of the week, as well as working much more closely with The Hive part 1 (Steph’s whanau class)!

Lastly, thank you so much for your time last week during learning conferences. I know the children really treasure that one on one time with you and opportunity to share their learning that they are most proud of. I think you’ll agree that they really stepped up to that role of taking charge when sharing their learning with you. Thank you for the positive feedback about their reports and the report format.

Enjoy the last few hours of your Sunday.

Ngā mihi nui,

Samantha :)