Kia Ora Whānau,

Learning Conferences are to be on Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th of July. (First Week Back in Term 3)

The Mid Year Learning Conferences are made up of 3 components.

  1. Mid Year Reports. These are sent home in the last week of Term 2 and include learner voice, comments and next steps related to reading, writing, maths and our school visions and values. The reports also includes a guide explaining the report’s purpose and the changes we have made to the previous report format.
  2. Home Led Conference. This should take place before you come to the Learning Conference. We believe that it is very important for all learners to have one on one time with an adult/adults to share and celebrate the term’s learning and read their Mid Year Report together. Some questions you might like to prompt your child with are:
    -What are you going to try to get better at next?
    -How do you manage a difficult task?
    -What support do you need to achieve one of your targets or goals?
    -What has been your proudest achievement so far?
  3. Learning Conference. This is a 15 minute conference held at school with the parents/caregivers, learner and teacher. The 15 minutes are broken up into three sections.
  • The first section will be a time where your child will share one aspect of their learning.
  • In the second section, the teacher will follow up from and further expand on any relevant goals and next steps from the mid year report. This may also include a recent formal assessment that the teacher has completed with your child.
  • The final part will be to support your child, along with their teacher, to review and confirm their learning goal or goals for Term 3/4.

Booking Your Learning Conference

We fully expect that every parent and child will be able to attend.

Getting Started:       


Read the instructions/outline.

Enter the following school code: mag9q

Remember to press GO.

Step One: Carry out full instructions on this page, entering your name, email address, how many children you want interviews for and their names.

Remember to press GO.

Step Two: Carry out the full instructions on this page. Choose the name of the teacher and year group in the pull down menu beside it.

Remember to press GO.

Step Three: Carry out the full instructions on this page, selecting one time by clicking in the appropriate box.

Remember to press GO, at which time a summary page will come up, indicating your success and giving you the option to print.

Please note you can return to cancel or change your time or to update your details such as email address.

All bookings will close on Tuesday 23rd July at 10am.  Any bookings after this time must be arranged with the teacher.

Thanks and remember if you need help booking online please come and see us.

Kind regards,

**School will finish @ 12:30pm on Tuesday 23rd July for conferences to start at 1pm**