Morena koutou,

I am absolutely loving the sunshine!! I cracked up at myself realising how happy I am to have done all the washing including sheets, washed, dried and folded. A few years ago I never would have thought that achieving washing would excite me…feeling slightly older perhaps. 

Anyway, here are some important reminders and messages…

Raffle for a Ride:

If you know of anyone with a fun car to collect kids and take them to school on Friday 29th November please let us know asap. This is always such a fun morning and one of those memories children always hold on to.

House Leaders 2020 Applications

These are due this Tuesday the 5th of November.

Calendar Art:

Ask your child’s classroom teacher to view the art that will be on calendars, cards, and diaries if you wish to purchase them. The ordering envelopes need to be into the office by Friday 8th November. They are great Christmas gifts for family and friends.

RSS Hats

Children must wear RSS hats when outside this term. I have found a lot of RSS hats floating around but luckily they have their names clearly written inside to be returned easily. Please help your child pick a place in their bag to always put their hat back to. If your child still does not have a RSS hat, please purchase one online or at the office for $15. If they do not have a hat they cannot play outside. 

Athletics Day

Currently the children are learning lots of athletics skills and games to help prepare them for the big Russell Street School Athletics Day. This is at the Massey Track on Monday the 18th of November. I have already booked the coffee cart so put the date in your diary and come on down! The children will need to be at school on time on this day as straight after the roll they’ll get on a bus heading to Massey with their class. If you are available to help out on the day, please email your child’s classroom teacher. 

Summer Holiday School Pool

Having a key to the school pool over the summer break is a lifesaver on hot long summer days with kids running around. If we as a community want the school pool open over the break, we need to all help out to make it happen. 

We need a roster of pool ‘carers’ to help with the maintenance such as checking the chlorine levels etc. If you would like to be part of the team to achieve an open summer pool please contact Troy [email protected] 


Board Meeting

This coming Wednesday evening The Board of Trustees have a monthly meeting. Here is a slide of the class reports teachers and children prepared to share with the BOT. Enjoy viewing and reading.  

Click here: Class Board Report


Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.