Good afternoon

It was lovely to see all the children again.  They have been enjoying catching up with their friends.  Tohoranui have been wonderful as they understand the need to wash hands regularly and they are doing it responsibly.


Thank you for all the support you gave with the online learning over the lockdown.  For learning at home all students were logged in to the Seesaw Class version of the app.  As we are back at school now, this is no longer needed.  We will want to share the learning that your child is doing, so go back to using Seesaw family.

Cross Country

Cross Country will be on Friday June 12th.  There will be more details later.  Practise days are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


Our library day is still Friday afternoon.


Reading books are coming home several times a week.  Please check with your child each day to see if there is one in their bag. Could you please return them the following day as they are needed each day at school and for other classes the following week?


You will see this letter come home during the year.  VIP stands for Very Important Person.  It would be great if your child could make a VIP poster when you get the letter. The poster should include photos of your child’s family, pets, their hobbies and sports or anything else that you consider important.  The children love sharing their VIP with the class.  We hang them up in  the classroom. Below is an example of a VIP from year.


Enjoy Queens Birthday Weekend