Hi Everyone

At the end of the holidays I sent out details about the class trip in week 6 on Wednesday November 21.  We will be doing a beach clean-up at Turakina Beach near Wanganui.  A DOC ranger may be able to join us to show the children the wildlife. We will use some of the proceeds from the apple crumble sales to have a great lunch and then end up at Kowhai Park for a play. We would endeavour to be back at RSS by 3pm.

We will need some parent help please! If you are able to come please could you contact me at joy@russellst.school.nz as soon as possible. We will need to keep an eye on the weather as it is all outdoor activities. If we have to cancel then it is likely we will postpone to the next week – the weather should be reliable by then anyway. The project fits in well to the class focus at the moment though, which is why it would be good to achieve this during this term.

Looking forward to hearing from you.