Good Afternoon all,

Our class has a name! We are Toru Toa (3Toa).

3 (toru), because we are in room 3 and toa because we are learning to be brave and courageous learners. We will challenge ourselves in our learning and by trying new things and we won’t give up, we will keep trying and keep on being brave! We know that learning can be hard but that is ok because we are brave!

What an awesome start to the year. We have been super busy getting to know each other and here is a very quick snapshot of some of what we have been doing. Keep an eye on your child’s Seesaw and please remember to leave comments, our children love it.

Messages for this week

  • Swimming – Tuesday: 1.30 -2.15 and Wednesday: 1.30 -2.15. Thursday 11 -11.30.
  • Library – Friday Afternoon

Thank you all for letting us get you know you and your precious children! I am looking forward to the rest of the year and hope you are too. Feel free to pop in if you have any questions or comments. I love to chat and connect with whānau.

nāku noa


p.s. remember to pack togs and a towel in a seperate bag for tomorrow.