Dear Parents and Whānau

The University of Canterbury is offering your child the opportunity to participate in the KIWI English, Mathematics and Science competitions. These competitions take place annually and are designed by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students based on the New Zealand Curriculum. For further information, please consult the CAM website.

The competitions are open to all Year 5-10 students in English, Mathematics and Science. Students can enter in one or more subjects. This year the competition will provide parents with an Individual Pupil Report of a student’s performance. The supervised online tests will take place in the first 3 weeks of Term 3.

Please note we will not be participating in ICAS Assessments in 2020. Instead we are supporting local and offering this as an alternative.

All participating students will receive a certificate and prizes will be awarded to top students.

NOTE: It is the University of Canterbury’s policy to not release test papers. The tests are provided primarily as a competition and not as a teaching resource.

Entries are administered by the school. For further information, please consult the CAM website or read the 2020 Kiwi Competition Brochure.

Please use the form below to enter your child.

This form is currently closed for registrations.