What a ripper! Thanks for making sure all your kids were ready for the first day back. I hope they had dried out by the time they got home after our sprinkler dash – just the thing to cool down after a long hot day. The pool probably won’t be ready for swimming this week but our swim days are Monday, Thursday and Friday. Everyone is expected to swim and need a note if you would rather they didn’t due to sickness etc. Most kids had their hats so if your child is still without one then can you please help them find it and bring it tomorrow or send them with some money ($10) for new one from the office. It is too hot to be without.

If they still don’t have their stationery please concentrate on getting the books at least as soon as possible as we can share out pens etc if we have to. Please make sure all the books are the A4 size specified as having books the wrong size makes giving them worksheets or other printed material complicated as it won’t fit on their page. Thanks for your help with this.

If you weren’t able to make it to the interviews last week a couple of questionnaires needing your opinion will come home tomorrow. Please return them to me or the office asap.

Thanks for such a great start. We will likely be making apple crumbles in week three so if you think you can help either 9-10.30 or 11- 12.30 then please let me know by email – joy@russellst.school.nz